Work experience:

2017 – 2018 VFX Compositor (Nuke) – RISE vfx Munich

2017 – 2017 VFX Compositor (Nuke) – RISE vfx Berlin

2015 – 2017 VFX Compositor (Nuke) – UPP, a.s. Prague

2014 – 2015 Marketing Specialist (advertising, website administration) — Outdoor Aliance s.r.o

2009 – Freelance Filmmaker (short films, graphics, music videos, advertising, etc.)


Hello dear visitor!

My name is Michael Střecha and there are a few words about me.
I am from the Czech Republic and my native town is Jihlava, where I spent my childhood, but mainly, here began my passion for films and film postproduction!

Since my childhood, I have been filming short films with my best friend, where various special and visual effects have prevailed, and over time I have gained a lot of experience. Since then I’ve known that visual effects are exactly the type of work that I would like to do in the future!

After the elementary school, I went to study in Prague, where I successfully finished high school in film and television production. At that time, I was already fully engaged in shooting, post-production, photography, composing, and in short the overall production of the film.

After school, I worked for about one year in marketing, so I had enough time to learn the basics of Nuke’s composition.
In 2015 I decided to try to get the position of 2D compositor in the most famous Czech post-production company in Prague. in UPP!

I succeeded and I became a true 2D comopositor. Finally, I did the work I always dreamed of. At UPP, I spent 2 great years, during which I learned a lot of new things and met great people. Then came the offer to work in Berlin for Rise VFX and it was probably the biggest break of my career, I decided to go around the world while still doing the job I love, which makes me happy where I can meet a lot of great people and especially to work on interesting projects, whether bigger or smaller!
Where I am right now and what other projects I have behind you can see above or visit my LinkedIn profile, which is always up-to-date.

I am industrious, communicative, like to work in a team and learn new things, I care about detail, problematic shots are a challenge for me, which I like to accept, do not mind traveling and possible overtime.

My dream is to visit the world’s largest studios and work on major projects
I hope you have a little bit of interest in my short life story, and if you want more information about me or make any cooperation, do not hesitate to contact me!